Monday, November 17, 2008

Sex in Busan

One in every three female secondary school students in Busan were found to have received sex trade proposals while chatting online, according to a survey by the Ministry of Gender Equality Monday.

The ministry questioned 2,012 female students in the southeastern port city and found 33.4 percent, or 672, answered they received prostitution offers.

Among the female students who received the offers, only 35 percent said they ignored them. Nearly 20 percent said they were actually engaged in the sex trade, while the rest said they were "intrigued" by the offers. "It's a survey of students in Busan and it could be difficult to generalize. But it's obviously a case in point showing how serious online sex trading is," a ministry official said. It also shows that many teenagers are vulnerable to the online sex trade, he said.

Among those who sold sex, 37 percent said they did so on impulse, 25 percent did so for money, and the rest out of curiosity and other reasons. Asked about the reasons for the frequency of sex transactions online, 37 percent cited easy accessibility and 33 percent anonymity. The rest answered that they can sell sex with little worry of being caught by police.
Korea Times

If one visits the
Haeundae Beach area... it is loaded with prostitution. There is a row of one-room shops with the women in them right between two popular family restaurants. The families have to walk right by the girls when they come and go. DADDY SCHOOL!!!

Yesterday, I contacted the USFK Human Trafficking Hotline to report abuse within the area. A Staff Sergent answered the phone and I informed him of an individual that was "forced into a barfine." The Sergant replied, "Sir, what is a barfine and can you wait until I can find the papers to record this report." This group is a SHAME or SHAM>>>> DAMN I WAS UPSET!!!

SUBJECT: United States Forces Korea (USFK) Command Policy #12, Prostitution and Human Trafficking (P&HT)

1. This policy letter supersedes USFK Command Policy Letter #12, Prostitution within Off-Post Entertainment Districts, 21 April 2007. This policy remains in effect until rescinded or superseded.

2. References.
a. DoDI 2200.01, Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP), 16 February 2007.
b. USFK Regulation 190-2, Off Limits Areas and Establishments, 7 May 2004.
c. Republic of Korea (ROK) Law, Act on the Punishment of Intermediating in Sex Trade and Associated Acts, 22 March 2004, with an effective date of 23 September 2004.

3. This memorandum applies to all USFK military members, DoD civilian personnel, Invited Contractors, Technical Representatives, and their family members whether assigned permanently, on temporary duty, rotational duty, or on leave/pass status in Korea, and whether on or off a US military installation.

4. Prostitution and human trafficking is illegal, immoral, and deprives an individual of basic human rights. The Department of Defense and USFK have a "Zero Tolerance" policy regarding the illegal activities of prostitution and human trafficking.

5. Prostitution and human trafficking are illegal by Korean law. All personnel must respect Korean laws or risk apprehension, trial, and confinement by ROK authorities. Prostitution and human trafficking shall not be facilitated in any way by USFK personnel. In support of the DoD policy and Korean law, USFK has developed an aggressive strategy to combat prostitution and human trafficking that focuses on awareness, identification, reduction, and continued partnership with the ROK government and Korean law enforcement agencies. The desired end state of this strategy is the reduction of prostitution and its link to human trafficking.

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